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Need to be able to see something up close to examine fine details, troubleshoot a problem, take HD photos for collections or sales, or simply study its every detail fully? Wherever you choose to use it the OPTI-TEKSCOPE DIGITAL USB CAMERA- MICROSCOPE- ENDOSCOPE is the ideal instrument to reach for whenever you need to see things in richer detail.

The OPTI-TEKSCOPE can be used in three different ways:

– As a conventional microscope with up to 200x magnification
– As an endoscope for examining the ears, nose & throat
– As a USB web camera with the focal distance set to infinity

Versatile and simple to use, the OPTI-TEKSCOPE features eight LEDs that dim and brighten to provide optimal lighting conditions around the camera lens. The wide focal range of 5 millimeters to 30 millimeters gives you the freedom to examine objects and specimens as closely or as distantly as necessary.

You can use the microscope to view details live while connected to your Windows or Mac computer. Once you have the camera connected, you can take still photos and save them or capture AVI video at a frame rate of 30fps at 640×480.

The OPTI-TEKSCOPE is ideal for:

– Magnifying stamps, coins & watches for appraisals and repairs
– Studying insects & other living or preserved specimens
– Manufacturing & repairing printed circuit boards
– Performing fine detail work on crafts or hobbies
– Examining skin and other tissue samples
– Much more

Software driver supplied on a CD-ROM disk (standard size 120mm) or can be downloaded from our website.


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